#MYMediaMatters campaign

Wong Lee Kim is a journalist with the Sin Chew Daily. As part of the #MYMediaMatters campaign Wong says that journalists need to have a solid ethical core as it is their job to promote transparency and accountability.

Credit: Wong Lee Kim

1. What does it mean to be a journalist or media worker in Malaysia?

Being a journalist means being able to promote transparency and accountability.

2. Do you see Media Freedom in Malaysia moving forward?

At this moment, I haven't seen any improvement yet. For example, in Malaysia there are still restrictions and journalists continue to be slammed in our country.

3. What can we do to be better?

Journalism can be an exciting and dramatic career that requires dedication and commitment. Media play a crucial role in publishing reliable information, so a solid ethical core is required as well as integrity and honesty. These qualities make journalists better storytellers.  

4. What can we do to ensure media freedom?

In my opinion, journalists discover and uphold the truth by verifying the facts. No journalist deserves to be humiliated in public for asking a question.

The #MYMediaMatters campaign is part of a multi-year project, Strengthening Malaysia’s Media for Change, supported by the European Union. For details please see the IFJ project page.

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