End impunity!

Little progress has been made over recent years in bringing to justice the people who target media professionals, thereby endangering the freedom of the press throughout the world.

This year, the IFJ will call on governments to account for the impunity all too often extended to those who intimidate, threaten, attack and murder our colleagues across the world.We would invite our members to actively take part in the campaign against impunity, which will be held from 2nd November (United Nations International Day to End Impunity) to 23rd November (Day of Remembrance for the 32 journalists massacred in Maguindanao, in the Philippines).

The campaign will focus more specifically this year on 4 countries where impunity has force of law: Mexico, the Philippines, Ukraine and Yemen.To take part in the campaign, denounce the climate of injustice and insecurity surrounding the press and to support the IFJ in its fight against impunity, click here.