Newsletter: IFJ holds safety training in Gaza

The IFJ organised a three-day safety training for journalists and media workers  in the city of Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza strip at the Egyptian borders. Fourteen journalists, including 7 women, were trained on safety and first aid in conflict zones on 24-25 and 26 August 2015.  

This training forms part of the regional “safety for journalists” programme funded by the Norwegian ministry of Foreign affairs.  

Launched in 2011 this programme aims at developing journalists’ practical skills in the field of personal security, planning journalistic field mission and strengthening the safety of journalists’ places of residence and work, sustaining work in areas of conflict, alerting against dangers of firearms, reflecting on kidnappings and risks, and improving media coverage of demonstrations and riots.  

A series of trainings will be held in different countries of the MENA region until the end of 2015.