General Strike in Spain June 20

Madrid, 30th May 2002

Dear friends, We enclose the UGT and CC.OO. unitary manifesto, calling a general strike for the 20th of June in protest at the Government's intention to bring in a number of changes in the law, with the aim of rationalising the system of unemployment benefit, which will lead to a serious curtailment of social rights (making dismissal cheaper and easier, leading to the loss of unemployment benefit for major sectors, and increasingly insecure employment contracts).

After the strike was called, on the 24th of May, in an act of arrogance and authoritarianism, using the emergency measures of an Executive Decree, the Government unilaterally decided to apply the measures we were criticising. We appeal to you to demonstrate the solidarity of your organisations with the struggle of Spanish working men and women by sending your written protests at these measures, and the way in which they have been adopted, to the Spanish Prime Minister:

Excelentisimo Señor Don José María Aznar

Presidente de Gobierno

Complejo de la Moncloa

28071 Madrid

with a copy to FCyT-CCOO

Best wishes,

Carmen Rivas

Responsable Agrupación de Periodistas

Daniel Olmos

Secretario Internacional

Federación de Comunicación y Transporte CCOO