Brazilian journalists appeal for solidarity!

Journalists in Brazil are under attack from a government which sees independent journalism as a threat and which has said it will crush its opponents.


The government's labour reforms have also cut off vital sources of funding for unions. Despite the threats FENAJ, the IFJ's affiliate in Brazil, has been actively fighting back, standing up for journalists and quality journalism.

But now the union faces a new threat. The tax authorities have targeted FENAJ, unjustly claiming it owes property taxes on land gifted to the union in 1980 but which was never used by them. Despite legal challenges the authorities are pressing ahead with the threatened seizure of the FENAJ headquarters.

The IFJ is backing FENAJ's urgent appeal to help save its HQ – and calling on any members and unions who can afford it to show solidarity
with our Brazilian sisters and brothers.

To make a donation send payment to:


Beneficiary: Federação Nacional dos Jornalistas
CNPJ: 34078576/0001-93
Address: SCLRN 704 Bloco F Loja 20 – Asa Norte
CEP: 70730-536. Brasília/DF. Brasil
Reason for shipment: International donation
Bank: Banco do Brasil
Agency: 0452-9
Current Account: 186112-3


IBAN : BR8400000000004520001861123C1
Related Agency: 0452 EMPRESA CENTRAL(DF)
Related account: 186112-3

Via IFJ:

Beneficiary: Fédération Internationale des Journalistes
IBAN: BE95 2100 3092 4258
Address of the branch: Rond-Point Robert Schuman 10, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium

For more information, please contact IFJ on +32 2 235 22 16

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