Tunisia: IFJ mourns the loss of leading trade-unionist Néjiba Hamrouni

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) mourns the death of Néjiba Hamrouni, the former President of the Syndicat national des journalistes tunisiens, IFJ’s affiliate in Tunisia. It is with great sadness that the IFJ learned of the death of one of its most distinguished members, Néjiba Hamrouni, who died on Sunday 29 May, in Tunis, after a long and brave fight against disease. A talented journalist and fearless activist of the first degree for press freedom and journalists’ dignity in Tunisia, Néjiba Hamrouni has been since 2008 at the heart of the newly formed SNJT’s action, an organization she presided from 2011 to 2014. Her rare courage under the dictatorship, her struggle for journalism, democracy, justice and freedom, her central role in the Jasmine Revolution and for the protection of its achievements during a particularly difficult transitional period for the country, earned her the respect and deep affection of journalists and trade-unionists in Tunisia and beyond. The global family of Journalists mourns her loss and celebrates the memory of a woman whose motto was: "To live free and, like trees, to die standing." The International Federation of Journalists, representing 600,000 journalists worldwide, expresses to the family of Néjiba Hamrouni its sincere condolences and deep sympathy.

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