Thirty-six affiliates joined IFJ #endimpunity campaign

Thirty-six IFJ affiliates across the globe have joined the IFJ campaign against impunity. Activities included conference and events, press releases, motions to parliament, news coverage, minutes of silence and posting of videos and photos on social media. The IFJ campaign against impunity will continue until 23 november with a special focus on Yemen, Mexico, Ukraine and the Philippines.  IFJ regional offices will put additional emphasis on other countries where impunity is at its worse. To date, IFJ affiliates supportive of the campaign are: ANP - Peru; AJI – Indonesia; NUJ- UK and Ireland; NUJI – India; SNRP- Mexico; IMTUU- Ukraine; NUJU- Ukraine; AJTL- Est Timor; MJA - Maldives; IJU - India; CAPJ –Cambodia; NUJN – Nepal; YJS- Yemen; NJ - Norway; AGJPB - Belgium; FNJ - Nepal; FENAJ - Brazil; FETRACOSE- Chile; PFUJ- Pakistan; SNJC- Cameroon; KCA- Kenya;  SUJ- Sweden; SNJ- France; SNJ-CGT- France; CFDT: journalistes- France; ALJ- Luxembourg; DJU.ver-di- Germany; NUSOJ-Somalia; SPP-Paraguay; TUMM- Montenegro; HPU-Hongary; TGS - Turkey; MEAA- Australia; NWU- USA; JuHI- Azerbaijian; UJF - Finland Support the campaign here.

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