The fourth issue of 'IFJ Focus on Safety' is now out!

Welcome to the fourth issue of IFJ ‘Focus on Safety’, the monthly blog posting which provides highlights, news and in-depth analysis about safety-related events of concern to journalists.

This is part of IFJ strategy on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity. We welcome your feedback, experiences in the field and any stories you may wish to share with members of the global journalists’ community.

The present issue covers the following:

- IFJ Releases Full Report on Journalists and Media Staff Killed in 2014 

- Four Journalists killed in February

- IFJ Launches Campaign against Impunity in Mexico 

- FEPALC Slams Incitement to Violence against Journalists in Dominican Republic

- Fecolper Wins Protection Measures for Journalist in Colombia

- Journalists Rally behind under ‘Threat’ Charlie Hebdo Reporter

- Arrest of Murder Suspect in Killing of Swedish Journalist in Afghanistan  

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