Tenth issue of 'IFJ Focus on Safety - September 2015

Welcome to the tenth issue of the IFJ Focus on Safety, a monthly blog which provides highlights, news and in-depth analysis of safety-related events of concerns to journalists. The blog is part of the IFJ strategy to promote the safety of journalists and to combat the issue of impunity. Please check out the IFJ International Code of Practice for the Safe Conduct of Journalism at the end of this issue. We value your feedback and would like to hear about your safety experience on the field as well as any stories you would like to share with members of the IFJ family, the global journalists’ community. The present issue covers the following: - Five Journalists Injured in Violent Clashes at Kiev Parliament - Mafia Mob Threatens Journalists in Italy for Reporting Boss’ Funeral - Media Assaulted at Christian Protest in the Philippines - South Sudan with Highest Media Death Toll in Africa after Sixth Murder - Have Your Say: Somali Journalist Omar Wadere Gives a Slip to Al-Shabab after attempt on his life   For more. See the IFJ's Safety site here.

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