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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned. Read some of the news highlights from Friday 20th to Friday 27th January: 1. Journalists Group Backs Media Insurance Covering War Zones (Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, ABC News, Fox News, The News Observer, The Herald Review, The Republic, Metro) 2. IFJ Unveils New Global Insurance Coverage for Journalists 3. Six journalistes arrêtés lors de manifestations anti-Trump 4. La Fédération internationale des journalistes (IFJ) proteste contre l’arrestation de six journalistes arrêtés lors de manifestations anti-Trump 5. USA: six journalistes arrêtés lors de manifestations anti-Trump 6. NUJ calls on members to tweet condemnation of US journalist arrests directly at President Donald Trump 7. IFJ says 'trustworthy' news will be 'essential' over next four years as it calls on Trump to halt media attacks 8. Trump. La Federación Internacional de Periodistas pide al ya presidente que cese sus "amenazas" a la prensa 9. La FIP pide a Donald Trump respeto a la libertad de expresión 10. Necesario: Un plan de seguros para periodistas del mundo entero 11. Pelearán “con uñas y dientes” 12. La Fédération internationale des journalistes s’inquiète des menaces contre les médias au Cameroun 13. Cameroun : crise anglophone 

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