IFJ and YJS urge the warring parties in Yemen to ensure the safety of journalists

In the frame of the peace talks and ceasefire between the warring parties in Yemen starting today in Geneva and sponsored by the United Nations (UN), the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliate, the Yemen Journalists’ Syndicate (YJS), have called on all sides in the conflict to ensure the safety of journalists, to investigate the tortures and violations they have suffered and to immediately release the 13 colleagues who remain captive. In a letter sent today to the participants at the peace talks, both organisations have welcomed this step led by the UN which would bring to an end a conflict that has already taken the lives of 10 journalists, the Yemeni union reported. IFJ and YJS have reminded participants at the peace talks of the Security Council Resolutions 1738 (2006) and 2222 (2015), calling “to respect the professional independence and rights of journalists and media professionals” in situations of armed conflict. The IFJ backed its affiliate in urging the warring parties to publicly declare their commitment to put an end to the threats, kidnapping and harassment facing media workers since the start of the conflict and to fully investigate these violations. Finally, both organisations urged for the immediate release of the 13 journalists who remain captive in the country and to reopen all closed media outlets, both public and private, in order to allow reporters to go back to their work. The IFJ has launched in November a Solidarity Fund to provide financial aid and humanitarian assistance to Yemeni colleagues and their families, who are in desperate need for help. More details here.  See more information about the situation of press freedom and safety of journalists in Yemen here.

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