Hands off workers' rights in the Philippines, say Global Unions

We, undersigned General Secretaries of the Global Unions representing sectors of activities where workers rights are denied, request the Duterte administration to respect the human and trade unions rights of workers and to enable trade unions to function/operate in the country.

Credit: EI

The persistent anti-union climate is causing workers, civil servants, unionists and activists to fear for their safety, privacy and civil rights. In recent months, union leaders and members, activists of human rights and indigenous groups have been spied on, profiled, portrayed as terrorists, arrested and even killed by police and paramilitary groups. This is a concerted attempt to muzzle civil society and ignore the rule of law. We condemn the intensification of the harassment and repression against trade unions in the Philippines and invite/request the Filipino authorities to:

• guarantee the security and safety of all union members and leaders;

• respect workers’ fundamental rights as guaranteed by international standards, including the ILO Convention on Freedom of Association ratified by the Philippines in 1953;

• allow unions to operate without government interference; • investigate the many allegations of murders of trade unionists and anti-union violence;

• accept to host an ILO high level tripartite mission before the next ILO conference. On 10 December 2019, our global federations and national affiliates will demonstrate solidarity with trade unions in the Philippines and our commitment to highlight the plight of workers and human rights activists in the country.

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