IFJ Gender council chair elected to GAMAG board

The IFJ Gender Council's chair Maria Angeles Samperio was elected deputy chair of the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG) on 8th July at GAMAG 2nd General Assembly in Madrid, Spain.

Credit: Frédéric Moreau de Bellaing

Elected  together with Aimée Vega (President) and Sara Macharia (General Secretary), Maria Angeles, will be representing the IFJ in this body and speak up for equal treatment of men and women in the media, in the unions and in news content.

GAMAG was launched by UNESCO and more than 500 organizations at the first Global Forum on Gender and Media held in  Bangkok, Thailand, in 2013. Its aim is to promote gender equality through the media. In particular, it monitors the implementation of Section J on women and the media. 

You can find the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Plan of Action here.

Journalist María Angeles Samperio  has been a member of the IFJ Gender Council from almost its creation. She was elected as chair of the Council at IFJ congress in Tunis in June this year.

She is a member of the Federation of Spanish Journalists' Associations (FAPE) and has served as the organisation's vice-president on several occasions. She has been president of the Association of Journalists of Cantabria (APC) for 16 years. She works as an editor at El Diario Montañés.

Final Results of GAMAG elections:

Executive Committee
Chair - Aimée Vega Montiel (International Association for Media and Communication Research -IAMCR)
General Secretary - Sarah Macharia (World Association for Christian Communication – WACC)
Deputy Chair - María Angeles Samperio (International Federation of Journalists – IFJ)

Chairs of GAMAG Regional Chapters
Africa - Nancy Mbaya (Independent)
Europe - Teresa Carreras (Associació Dinamitzadora de la Xarxa de Dones Periodistes i Comunicadores de Catalunya-Xarxa Internacional de Periodistes amb Visió de Gènere – Spain)
Latin America and The Caribbean - Lucía Lagunes (Comunicación e Información de la Mujer, A.C– Mexico)
Asia-Pacific - Laxmi Murthy (Network of Women in Media India NWMI) 

Thematic Committee Chairs
Research and Policy - Carla Cerqueira
Media Practice - Sonia Santoro
Training and Capacity building - Sharmini Boyle 
Advocacy and Communication - Vilma Peña

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