Framework of Actions on Gender Equality in the EU audiovisual sector

Gender Equality is a fundamental right and a key principle of the European Union. It shall contribute to improving employment opportunities in journalism, strengthening equal treatment of women and men in newsrooms, ensuring equal access to leading roles in the media and enhancing quality journalism abiding by strong ethical standards.

In October 2011, the EFJ and other social partners from the EU Audiovisual Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee adopted a Framework of Actions on Gender Equality to promote gender equality in the audiovisual sector throughout the EU. Showing a real commitment for progress in this field from both the unions (FIA, FIM, EFJ and UNI-MEI) and the employers (ACT, AER, CEPI, EBU and FIAPF), this Framework of Actions (FoA) can now be used by European national social partners to advocate for gender equality in the audiovisual sector.

An executive summary (available in English for download hereunder) has been written to introduce the FoA and show how it can help social partner organisations in the audiovisual sector across the EU to develop their practices with a view to enhancing gender equality. Accordingly, the social partners have agreed to circulate this Framework of Action among their member organisations and created a leaflet in order to help promoting gender equality in the EU audiovisual sector.

The leaflet is available for download on the UNI MEI web site in English, French, German, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Polish, Dutch, Italian and Swedish, in both Screen and Print versions.