Winners of the EUROMED HERITAGE Journalistic Award 2005: young journalists from Algeria, France, Egypt and Israel. The regulations for the Journalistic Award 2006 are online

The EC EuropeAid and the Jury of the Journalistic Award are pleased to announce the winners of the EUROMED HERITAGE Journalistic Award 2005. The Award ceremony will be held the 26 September 2005 at the Dead Sea, Jordan during the event Euromed and the Media organized by the European Commission - DG Relex, the first of a series of three meetings in which key international journalists will examine how the media reflects and helps shape the multi-faceted relationships between countries in the Euromed region.

The winner from EU member States is Mr. Olivier Bouisson (France), for his article “Péril en la demeure”, La Revue d’Egypte, May 2005. The winner from MEDA partner countries is Ms Dalia Chams (Egypt) for her article “L’ancestrale verve des Baramkas”, Al Ahram Hebdo 27/04/2005, who will be given the award in Barcelona the 25 November 2005 during the third meeting Euromed and the media.

A Special mention of the Jury goes to Mr. Yair Qedar (Israel), for his article “The time that stands”, Masa Acher, May 2005. Winner of the Ansamed special prize is Mr. Abdeimadjid Benhoubane (Algeria), for his article “Virée dans la Casbah –entre ruine et restauration”, Le Jour d’Algérie 23/2/2005, who will receive the prize at the AnsaMed Headquarters in Naples.

The EUROMED HERITAGE Journalistic Award is an international press competition dealing with the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The competition, organized by the European Commission, via the Regional Management and Support Unit (RMSU) of the EUROMED HERITAGE Programme and the ICCD (institute of the Italian Ministry for Culture, is open to journalists from EU and Mediterranean partners.

In collaboration with UNESCO, the International Federation of Journalists and its European regional group in Brussels, the Foreign Press Association in Italy and with the special participation of AnsaMed.

Journalists interested in culture are welcome to send their articles for the EUROMED HERITAGE Journalistic Award 2006! The new regulations are online (deadline 31 March 2006).

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