Victory of the freedom of information at Italian public broadcaster RAI

Michele Santoro, journalist and currently European deputy, removed from Italian public broadcaster RAI two years ago after a clamorous declaration of Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, must be integrated in the role of producer, conductor of political talk show and programmes presenter.

This is what a decision of the Court of Rome decided on 26 January 2005. The decision also condemns RAI for having taken an “illegitimate” measure against Mr Santoro. The initial facts happened on 18 April 2002, when during a press conference in Sofia, Mr. Berlusconi asked that RAI journalists Biagi, Santoro and Luttazzi to be removed from RAI, because they made "a criminal use of the public television".

Paolo Serventi-Longhi, the General Secretary of the Italian union of journalists (FNSI), called for the demission of the General Director of RAI as well as of the Management Board after the decision of the Court to reintegrate Mr. Santoro. He argued that the heads of RAI were guilty of a “professional homicide”. Roberto Natale, the General Secretary of the Union of RAI (USIGRAI), declared that "it is a beautiful day for all journalists of RAI".