Sajid Hussain Baloch

The body of the editor-in-chief of Balochian Times, a news website in Pakistan, was found in the Swedish city of Uppsala near the river Fyris. He had had missing since 2 March.

Media reports said that Hussain’s friends reported his disappearance to the Swedish police after they stopped receiving phone calls from him. “Initially, police refused to register the case saying it is normal in Sweden for someone to go in isolation. We insisted that it was not normal for us. Then they registered the case,"  said Taj Baloch, a friend of Hussain's to Al Jazeera.

Sadij Hussain fled Pakistan in 2012 after receiving death threats, having his home raided, family interrogated and put under surveillance. Between 2012 and 2017 Hussain moved lived in Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Uganda before seeking refuge in Sweden. 

Balochian Times is known for its reporting on alleged human rights violations in Pakistan and Hussain had published stories on enforced disappearances and organised crime in his country. There are fears he could have been kidnapped by Pakistani secret services, reports added. The authorities in Sweden said that the autopsy did not reveal the cause of his death but police investigations were continuing.