Precarious Working Conditions in Macedonia

The Trade Union of Macedonian Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM), an member of the European Federation of Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists, was proud to receive the visit of Jasmina Popovic (IFJ vice-president) in the framework of its ''Precariat in media sector'' project financed by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. The SSNM used this opportunity to organise a recruitment workshop and to promote the union activities among the Macedonian journalists and the general public. The SSNM also managed to set a meeting with its counterpart in Croatia in order to exchange experiences and to discuss about the current common problems faced by journalists' unions. At the end of the joint-meeting the Macedonian and the Croatian journalists' unions agreed to deepen their relations and establish a mutual support for future cooperation. SSNM President Tamara Chausidis and the IFJ vice-president Jasmina Popovic have also participated in a TV debate on NOVA TV to discuss the importance of unions and regional cooperation.  Watch the interview