Norwegian Strike a Success for Union

The IFJ affiliate in Norway, Norsk Journalistlag (NJ), got a new agreement in June 2002 with the employers' organisation Mediebedriftenes Landsforening (MBL) on holiday and wages for journalists in newspapers, digital media and local TV-stations.

Over 3300 members of Norsk Journalistlag went on strike for nine days, an action which the union calls a great success.

The agreement will give a general pay raise of 5,363 NOK (730 EUR). In addition journalists get a raise of between 72 and 3,328 NOK (10-450 EUR) depending on how long they have worked, raising the minimum wage for a journalist who has worked for 10 years in the profession to 221,309 NOK (30,000 EUR).

The important issue for the strikers was holiday, especially the extra days for older journalists.

There will be five weeks of holiday, starting this year, for all journalists within the categories touched by the agreement.

Starting this year, journalists with more than 18 years in the profession get three extra days, raised to five days from 2003. Next year journalists who have worked for 15 years will get two extra days.

Employees in digital media and local TV stations get freelance agreements like those in printed media. Digital media get an agreement on extra pay for journalists performing several tasks, and local TV get agreements on copyright.

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