Journalist Attacked in PNG

The International Federation of Journalists

(IFJ) joins its partner the Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) in condemning the violent

attack on a journalist in Papua New Guinea (PNG) on October 13.


According to reports received from the PFF, Michael

Koma, a correspondent for PNG daily the Post-Courier,was viciously attacked on

October 13, after his report inquiring into high-level local government

appointments in the Highlands province of the country was published in the

paper two days earlier.


According to the PFF, four men approached

Koma while he was sitting outside a relative’s house in the Highlands district

of Kundiawa, and after questioning him over the story, beat him until he was



Koma was rushed to hospital, and has since

recovered from the attack.



use of violence to silence and intimidate journalists is both deplorable and

criminal and we commend Koma and the Post-Courier management for reporting this to the authorities," said PFF co-chair Titi




culture of impunity over journalist bashings, threats and intimidation will

only change when we stop accepting criminal attacks and abuse as part of the

work we do," said Gabi.



police investigation into the attack is reportedly underway.



intimidation and threats against media workers, particularly in PNG’s

provincial areas, have been identified by the PNG Media Workers Association, as

major obstacles to improved journalism in the country.


“Violence against journalists is

unacceptable. The media must be able to report freely on events in the public

interest without fear of reprisal”, said the IFJ Asia-Pacific.


“The IFJ joins the PFF in calling

on the authorities of PNG to conduct a swift investigation into the attack, and

ensure that the safety of media workers is guaranteed.”



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