ITN Appeals for Help to Find Missing Journalists in Iraq

Two people are STILL MISSING from an ITN team caught in the crossfire between coalition and Iraqi forces, killing the correspondent.
Terry Lloyd was killed by the American fire in the bombardment near Basra, near the town of Al Zubayr. (March 22).
Fred Nerac, the French cameraman and his Lebanese interpreter Hussein Osman where last seen near Basra on Saturday morning 22 March. ITN is trying to contact anybody in the area.

Fred Nerac and Hussein Osman (Othman) were both wearing three Press cards around their necks - one American, two Kuwaiti. These included both men's name and picture. They both had their passports with them that morning.
Fred was wearing a new blue Gortex jacket and khaki trousers. He had dark brown, thick Gortex shoes. He was wearing gold coloured, round-rimmed glasses, and an expensive looking silver watch. He has a fairly recent scar (4-5 cm long) on one of his buttocks.
Hussein was wearing casual, Western clothes in dark colours. He has short, dark hair, and is slightly balding, with NO moustache. He is short (1m 70), and of medium build. We have a new photograph of him which is clearer, but was taken a few years ago, so is less of a likeness.
Fred is French and Hussein Lebanese.

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In you have any information whatsoever please call : ITN : +44 20 7430 4411/+44 7715 160 884.