IFJ/FNSI Meeting : Public Broadcasting in Italy and in Europe

<CENTER>Protomoteca in Campidoglio
3 June, 15’00-19’00

Attendance is free. Please contact the IFJ or the FNSI if you wish to attend.

Chair : Franco Siddi, President of the FNSI</CENTER>

3,00 Opening by Chris Warren, IFJ President

3,10 Welcome and intervention by Vincenzo Vita, Responsible for cultural policies at the Province of Rome, and by Davide Sassoli, President of the Associazione Stampa Romana

Session I : Overview of Public Broadcasting in Italy, Great Britain and Spain

3,30 PSB in Italy : Roberto Natale, Secretary of USIGRAI

3,45 PSB in the UK and the BBC Crisis : John Barsby, National Union of Journalists

4,00 PSB in Spain : Alfonso Diez, Journalist at RTE

Followed by Discussion

Session II : The EU Perspective

4,20 Mr. Adam Watson-Brown, Coordinator of the Task-force for coordination of media affairs, European Commission, DG “Information Society and Media”

4,40 Mr. Giulietto Chiesa, Member of the European Parliament

Followed by Discussion

Session II : The Focus on Italy

5,15 RAI yesterday and today

Interventions by:
- Enrico Manca, President of Istituto per lo Studio dell’Innovazione nei Media e per la Multimedialità and former President of RAI;
- Robero Zaccaria, Senator and former President of RAI
- Lucia Annnunziata, Editorialist at La Stampa and former President of RAI

6,00 Digitalisation and Privatisation : RAI at the Crossroads?

Interventions by:
- Gennaro Malgieri, Member of the Board of RAI
- Alessandro Curzi, Member of the Board of RAI
- Carlo Rognoni, Member of the Board of RAI
- Federico Orlando and/or Giuseppe Giulietti, Association “Articolo 21”

Followed by discussion

6,45 Conclusions by Paolo Serventi-Longhi, General Secretary of the FNSI