IFJ Urges Mongolian Authorities To Respect Journalists’ Rights

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) urges Mongolian authorities to respect journalists’ rights after recent efforts to deny information to local media.

Globe International reports that on June 12, Chief Secretary of the Crime Prevention Council, G. Dashtudev, twice turned off a journalist’s tape recorder during a council meeting and ordered the two attending journalists to leave.

“When authorities deny information to journalists without sound legal grounds they create an environment of political impunity, sheltered from public scrutiny,” said IFJ president Christopher Warren.

This latest incident follows reports from Globe that a journalist with community radio station Orkhon was denied access to information about the activities of Tsavchirt, a local lime processing company, on May 24, because his station had previously aired a program on the negative impact Tsavchirt and other companies were having on the environment.

According to Globe International, under current Mongolian legislation, it is a crime to interfere with the lawful professional activities of a journalist with the aim of promoting one’s own interests.

The IFJ calls on Mongolian authorities to respect and protect the rights of journalists to report freely and without unjust interference.

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