IFJ, EFJ, RUJ, EED hold debate on impunity in Dagestan

The European Endowment for Democracy, International and European Federations of Journalists and the Russian Union of Journalists cordially invite you to 

The Word and the Bullet

A 15 minute documentary followed by a debate on combating impunity for killed journalists in Dagestan.

For two decades Russia has consistently been one of the highest killing grounds for journalists with over 350 journalists killed since 1991. While many died in accidents and caught in the cross fire of conflicts too many have been the subject of targeted killings where the killers are rarely prosecuted.  

This film by the Russian Union of Journalists and Article 19 focuses on the Northern Caucasus region of Dagestan where instability and civil unrest have seen dozens of journalists and activists killed over the years. It was made as part of a campaign for justice and the prosecution of the killers of Akhmednabi Akmednabiyev who was shot dead outside his house in July 2013 after a series of threats and one previous failed assassination attempt. The following debate will be focused on media freedom and safety of journalists in Russia and international solidarity.

Moderators:  Oliver Money-Kyrle, IFJ Assistant General Secretary,  Nadezda Azhgikhina, Vice President of European Federation of Journalists and Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists

Speakers: - Ali Kamalov, Chair of Dagestan Journalists Union

Svetlana Svistunova, Film Director and RUJ safety expert      

- Ricardo Gutierrez, EFJ General Secretary

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