Greek Journalists Sign Ground-Breaking Deal To Challenge Low Pay And Give Pension Protection

The IFJ has welcomed a new collective agreement signed by Greek journalists’ unions and media employers which provides for ground-breaking benefits including better pension arrangements, significant wage increases and a better leave arrangement for working mothers.

“After the bitterness of strike action we are pleased that a settlement which paves the way towards a better industrial-relations climate has been signed,” said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. The IFJ has supported strikes called by journalists’ unions in Greece, led by the Athens Union of Daily Newspapers (JUADN) after negotiations stalled over a new agreement.

The new agreement sets a high standard for pension protection, for colleagues entering the profession as well as providing special arrangements for people who leave their job close to retirement age.

In a case where a journalist is fired 3 years prior to retirement, the employer will cover the cost of insurance fees up to the time of retirement when the pension will be paid.

The deal also strikes a blow against low pay in journalism through wage increases of up to 11,14% by accounting for three-year instead of five-year periods of working for the same employer. There are also improvements in maternity leave – an extra four months for breastfeeding – and there are extra days off for single parent families.

“Altogether this is a very satisfactory agreement and we congratulate both sides for negotiating a just settlement,” said White.

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