EFJ 2003: Resolution on EU Enlargement and the Impact on Media Ownership and Media Policy

5. Resolution on EU enlargement and the impact on media ownership and media policy

EFJ Annual Meeting, Prague, 24-25 May, 2003

Submitted by NUJ, Great Britain

This Annual Meeting notes that European and U.S.-based media groups have established a dominant presence in a number of Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries.

This AM believes that the enlargement of the European Union poses particular problems in terms of ensuring effective policies to protect media diversity and resist the encroachment of media policies driven by purely commercial considerations. Also the status and conditions of journalists requires the development of effective, independent trade unions able to defend working conditions and professional standards.

The EFJ reinforces its commitment to a programme of activity, including:

  1. publicising the extent and consequences of foreign media ownership in the CEE as widely as possible;

  2. working with journalists in CEE to ensure that effective trade union organisations are supported and developed;

  3. building effective trade union links in media companies operating in Western and CEE countries, including the establishment of Works Councils in line with the EC Directive on European Works Councils.