EFJ 2003: Resolution on Anti-Terror Legislation in European Countries

4. Resolution on anti-terror legislation in European countries

EFJ Annual Meeting, Prague, 24-25 May, 2003

Submitted by NUJ, Great Britain

This AM is concerned of the increasing impact of the so-called ‘war on terror’ legislation on journalism. Over the past year civil liberties have steadily been trimmed following the introduction of anti-terror legislation following September 11th.

AM notes in particular the secret deals made between Washington and Brussels without consultation with the European and national parliaments and without public scrutiny.

AM believes that the secret negotiations which took place between the US and Europe involving justice and home affairs ministers have serious implication for citizens right and press freedoms and are in breach of promises of more open government in Europe. Civil liberties groups have been particularly concerned about the draconian measures to control political dissent. One of the most sinister results have been the strengthening of surveillance by the authorities of Internet and e-mail traffic opening the door to the snooping society.

This AM welcome the report "Journalism, civil liberties and the war on terrorism" published by the IFJ and instructs the Steering Committee to liase with the IFJ in monitoring the promulgation of anti-terror legislation in European countries. AM reaffirms its commitment to campaign against secrecy and for journalists’ right to investigate and scrutinise the authorities without intimidation.