Pacific: IFJ, UNESCO launch kit to defend media freedom in the Pacific

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), has launched its ‘Defend Media Freedom – Pacific Media Kit’, which shares information and resources for the continued advocacy of press freedom across the Pacific.

The media kit comes at the culmination of the IFJ and UNESCO’s project titled ‘Building the Capacity of Media Associations to Assess Regulatory Environments and Strengthen Professional Journalism in the Pacific’, which began with national assessments of the media regulatory environment in early 2020 by journalist associations in Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The assessments were followed by locally led and driven pilot programs in the four countries from July to November 2020. The findings and resources developed as a result of these programs have been included in the new regional media kit, to enable stronger advocacy and solidarity across the Pacific.

The project was run by the IFJ in conjunction with its regional partners, including the Fijian Media Association, Journalists Association of (Western) Samoa, Samoa Alliance of Media Practitioners for Development, Media Association blong Vanuatu and the Media Association of Solomon Islands.

The kit includes shareable content, social media tiles, communication guidelines and branding guides and examples of possible campaigns.

The IFJ, and its regional partners and affiliates, are committed to media freedom and encourage media workers in the Pacific to support, promote and strengthen the Pacific environment for media freedom and encourage the development of ethical, community media.

The issue of whistleblowing is highlighted in the kit, following a campaign run by the Fijian Media Association, which states that the protection of whistleblowers from prosecution is essential to increase the possibility of uncovering and resolving corruption.

The IFJ said: “This media kit is an important resource to encourage the continued defence of media freedom in the Pacific. Sharing information, tools and content from across the project will enable stronger advocacy and journalist solidarity in the region. The IFJ thanks UNESCO for its support of journalists in the Pacific from 2020-2021.”

Access the kit here.

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