Join the IFJ and its affiliates on World Copyright Day!

This year the IFJ will mark World Copyright Day on 23 April by denouncing how today’s journalists are forced to sacrifice their authors’ rights and sign unfair contracts just to keep their job.

Get involved!

We are looking for examples of unfair contractual clauses from all over the world that deprive journalists from their authors' rights. Such clauses can include a full assignment of the exclusive rights (reproduction, adaptation, making available) on any media of the same group, an assignment for future uses that remain unknown or to be discovered in the future, or a waiver of moral rights.

Send your unfair clauses samples including the name of the media using them to Opens window for sending emailNoora by 10 April.

Take action on World Copyright Day:

  • Post Twitter messages denouncing unfair practices using #isitfair
  • Share samples of unfair contractual clauses on your website and alert your members about these malpractices
  • Use the IFJ/EFJ Fair Contract campaign logo on your social media, website and email signatures
  • Keep us informed of any activity/release you plan to run to mark World Copyright Day (contact: Opens window for sending emailNoora) so that we can publish them widely

For more information on the campaign and samples of unfair contracts click here

For more information, please contact IFJ on + 32 2 235 22 16

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