Turkish Journalist Baris Terkoglu and Baris Pehlivan Freed after 578 days in jail

A court in Istanbul ordered the release of Turkish

journalists Baris Terkoglu, and Baris Pehlivan on Friday 14 September 2012.

They were among the journalists accused in the OdaTV case and have spent 578

days in prison. Baris Terkoglu was "adopted" by the Association of Professional

Journalists in Belgium (AGJPB), an EFJ affiliate. Their co-accused, journalist

Soner Yalçi, writer Yalçin Küçük and former police officer Hanefi

Avci have been remanded in custody.

The court decided to commission another report into

llegations of unlawful interference with official records, after inaccuracies

were raised regarding the recent report submitted by Tubitak, the Government's

Scientific Researches Agency. Its report confirmed that contentious documents

on the alleged support for the army's overthrow of the current

Islamic-conservative Turkish Government had been inserted by virus in the

computers, but did not state the means used. The judge ordered a supplement

report from the same organisation to be submitted within 20 days. The previous

one was delivered after seven months.

The court released the two journalists on the account

of the extremely lengthy period of their preventive detention (578 days). They

remain accused, along with 13 other suspects, 3 of whom remain behind bars.

The news of the unexpected releases got a mixed

reception from the public which had gathered in large numbers to support the

accused journalists in front of the Justice Palace in Istanbul. Özge Terkoglu,

Baris Terkoglu's wife, declared in front of the cameras: "The ordealmay be over for my husband and his friend Baris, but

every journalist currently in jail should be free! We won't be fully satisfied

until they're all released but obviously I'm happy to be with my husband again.

Our joy will only be complete when justice is done.  We won't stop until

justice prevails!"

The next hearing in this case is to take place on 16