Sunil Tiwari

The 39-year-old stringer with Nai Duniya newspaper was attacked by thugs in Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh who left him unconscious. The assailants encircled Sunil’s motorbike, firing shots and striking him with sticks and an axe. The assailants then fled the scene. With the help of his family members and relatives, the unconscious journalist was taken to the Niwari district hospital for treatment. He was referred him to Jhansi Medical College but he died of his injuries.

On May 25, the journalist had uploaded a video on his Facebook page, pleading with the Niwari police superintendent and the Jhansi police superintendent for his safety. In the video, Sunil claimed that he along with his family had received death threats after he exposed illegal activities of Avdhesh Tiwari, Narendra Tiwari and Anil Tiwari .The video also accuses the police in Niwari of refusing to file FIR against the trio.