Percival Mabasa

The radio commentator, also known as Percy Lapid and host of ‘Lapid Fire’ on radio station DWBL 1242, was shot dead in Las Piñas City located in the southern part of Metro Manila.

According to media reports, Mabasa whose broadcasts were often critical of the Duterte and Marcos administrations,was killed by two armed and unidentified suspects outside BF Resort Village in Barangay. Witnesses stated that a first assailant hit the rear of Lapid’s vehicle with a white Toyota Fortuner, while a second assailant riding a motorcycle opened fire on Lapid and fled.

The veteran broadcasterwas known to criticise the practice of red tagging, or the labelling of activists or organisations as supporters of communism, among other political issues including the historical distortion of Martial Law. He had also expressed his concerns at the most recent incident of harassment against Manila Judge Marlo Magdoza-Malagar.Mabasa’s last program aired on 30 September.