Multilingual Service for Journalists on EU Affairs: Joint EurActiv and IFJ Project for a Crosslingual Portal

The "CrossLingual II Network" was launched on Friday 27th September to provide a multilingual online service for news and other information on the European Union. Over the next two years, the online network will develop the technology and content model of the EurActiv portal in collaboration with partners in Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, journalists will be able to access to information on EU activities in their own language.

EurActiv's multilingual content will be available for syndication to "EU Actors'" websites, media news sites, mobile operators and of course journalists working on EU affairs. The IFJ Website will soon have the facility to provide automatic translation into French, Spanish and German at the click of a button through the popular Systran facility.

The CrossLingual Project is supported by the eContent programme of the EU's Directorate General 'Information Society'. Members of the consortium include EurActiv, Systran (language software developer), DB Scape (specialist in multilingual content management), Telelingua (translation support) and the International Federation of journalists (IFJ). Partners from Central and Eastern European media, specialised in EU policies, included Bruxinfo (Hungary), EON (Slovenia), Club Europa (Romania), Integrace (Czech Republic), Unia Polska (Poland), Novinite (Bulgaria) and Abhaber (Turkey).

Oliver Money-Kyrle, Projects Director of the International Federation of Journalists said: "With Enlargement negotiations entering their final stage easy access to information on EU affairs is of particular importance to journalists in accession countries. This project provides a vital service to the public by breaking down the barriers to information and improving understanding of the EU." More background information available at