IFJ urges All Chinese Journalists Association to defend media rights

Media Release: China



15, 2013



International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is frustrated to learn that three journalists in China have been detained by police, prevented

from reporting on the misdeeds of some Government officials, or put under

pressure to leave their jobs.


Chen Baocheng, a journalist with the Caixin media

group, was allegedly detained by police in Pingdu, Shandong Province, on August

10 on the accusation that he had falsely imprisoned an unidentified person when

he (Chen) was fighting against illegal land evictions in his home town. Caixin

media group has asked the police to admit that Chen was detained, but the police

denied detaining him and did not give any further explanation, saying that they

did not receive Caixin’s request because the police facsimile machine was




a separate case, Yang Qiongwen, of the NanDao

Evening Post, was forced to resign on August 6 after he alleged that a

primary school headmaster and an official of the Wanning

Housing Administrative Bureau in Hainan Province had been involved in the rape of

six girl students in an inn in May.



to Yang’s microblog and some Mainland reports, Yang received a call from the

Bureau on the day the article was published on the

newspaper. The caller from the Bureau said he should not have reported on such a

“sensitive” case. The following day, Yang received another call in which the caller threatened to force him leave the newspaper, no matter

how difficult it was.



August 6, the senior management of the newspaper told Yang to prepare a

resignation letter. The next day, a staff member of the newspaper confirmed that

the Bureau had put pressure on the newspaper’s senior management. The

newspaper originally supported Yang in his reporting of the case.



journalist, Gao Qinrong, formerly of Shanxi

Youth Daily, said he received a death threat after he exposed a syndicate

involving the Ministry of Finance Bureau of Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, which was

involved in corruption and abuse of power.



August 4, Gao disclosed in his microblog that his informant received

a death threat from unidentified people, who

warned his source to stop giving Gao any information about the syndicate. The unidentified people

said that if the source did not stop giving Gao information, members of Gao’s

and his source’s families would be killed.



said: “There is no hatred between me and any Government officials, but this is

clearly retaliation after I published their wrong doings. But I will not give

up and will insist on continuing to disclose their abuse of power, because this

is the duty of a journalist.”



who was imprisoned for eight years after reporting on a fraudulent irrigation

project in Shanxi in 1998, has asked his source to file a complaint to the

police. He said he is now on the alert for possible attacks when he leaves his




IFJ Asia Pacific Office said: “This is a typical case of retaliation against

the media, which is common on the Mainland. Any retaliation should be condemned,

in particular those threats which have clearly jeopardised

press freedom and the law.”



urge the Police Bureaus of Hainan, Shanxi and Shandong to

investigate the cases and report to the public.



also urge the All Chinese Journalists Association to carry out its duty to

investigate the three cases and defend the journalists’ rights, as well as

to defend press freedom in China, which is enshrined in Article 35 of China’s Constitution.




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