EFJ supports Greek journalists against unfair reform of health insurance

The European Federation of

Journalists (EFJ) is supporting its Greek affiliates in their opposition against plans

to abolish the current health insurance system.

Journalists are taking part in a demonstration organised today in Athens   by the Union of

Periodical and Electronic Press and other Unions of Press workers.

"Such a development means that journalists in Greece will now have their pensions reduced for the fifth time in

a few years and will be forced to seek healthcare from a deeply troubled

general health care system that is presently in the red by four billion euro," said EFJ President Arne König.

 "All journalists working for the periodical press sector along with

other media workers are the first victims of this relentless attack on the

sector's insurance fund rights."

The health insurance funds covering journalists in Greece are teetering on the

brink of collapse, a result of the government's decision -dictated by the

"Memorandum" with the international financial institutions- to merge

them with the state's deficient general health system, resulting in the plunder

of the funds' reserves and the abolition of health services to the insured.


Indeed in Greece, the journalists' health insurance funds never burdened the

national budget since, in addition to the insured journalists'

automatically-withheld contributions, their main resource is a special tax (advertisement

tax) imposed on advertisements published in the media.  As a matter of

fact, the said tax replaces a large part of the employers' contribution to the

funds. However, a recent draft bill aims at forcing the merger of the

periodical press health insurance fund (TAYSIT) with the general health system.


EFJ calls on the Greek authorities to withdraw the relevant

laws and refrain from ruining an insurance fund that not only does not burden

the national budget by one single euro, but provides health insurance that is of enormous importance in the

sector of journalism and media in their role as public good.


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