Radio Reporter Stabbed in Dili, Timor Leste

The International Federation of Journalists

(IFJ) has received news from its affiliate the Timore Lorosa’e Journalists’

Association (TLJA) that a radio broadcaster was stabbed in Timor Leste’s

capital city Dili, on August 10.


The reporter has been identified as Leoneto Gonsalves, a presenter

that works at Dili-based community radio station Radio Rankambia, that

covers politics and business, as well as campaigns for media freedom, social

justice and development.


According to Radio

Rankambia’s Director Eurico Pereira, Gonsalves was stabbed three times by two

as-yet-unidentified persons on motorbikes. Gonsalves was reportedly in front of

the offices of Timor Leste’s Anti-Corruption Commission, in the district of

Farol, when the attack occurred.


Pereira told the TLJA that the reporter was stabbed in the stomach before his radio

program on August 10.


The TLJA confirmed Gonsalves sustained serious injuries

to the stomach and required surgery.


He is recovering at Guido Valadares

(formerly Dili) National Hospital.

Police are still investigating the attack, and have yet

to establish the motive. However, some reports have suggested a link to

Gonsalves’ work on a report on corruption.


“We urge the authorities in Dili to move to quickly to establish

a motive for the stabbing and arrest those responsible” said the IFJ Asia


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