Ivory Coast: workshop on organising in the digital media

The Syndicat national des professionnels de la presse de Cote d’ Ivoire (SYNAPPCI) and the IFJ conducted a two day workshop on « Organising in the digital media, trade union reform and youth recruitment” from 30-31 July, in the Ivorian Capital, Abidjan. 

The seminar which was financed under the UTU project 2019, brought together 20 young participants under the age of 35 to deliberate on strategies for the recruitment of young journalists who work online.

The deliberations at the workshop focused on the use of the internet and the growth of the digital media in the Ivory Coast, the social responsibility of journalists working online and challenges facing young journalists and the issue of trade unionism in Ivory Coast.  In addition to this the participants at the workshop were also deliberated on issues concerning the development of strategies  for awareness campaigns and the recruitment of young journalists in the digital media.

The participants at the workshop adopted a work programme and an action plan that is aimed at strengthening SYNAPPCI’s capacity to organize young journalists and professionals in the digital media sector, to improve working conditions and to fight against discrimination and violence against women journalists online.

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