IFJ Welcomes Granting of Bail for Indian Cartoonist Charged with Sedition

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins

partner organisations and affiliates in India in welcoming the release on bail

of Aseem Trivedi, a cartoonist and anti-corruption campaigner, after his arrest in Mumbai city on September 8 on charges of sedition and causing insult to India’s

‘national honour’.


The charge of sedition under article 124A of the

Indian Penal Code has been withdrawn by the police. Trivedi will continue to

face charges under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act and the

Information Technology Act, but was released on September 12, after posting a

bail bond of INR 5,000 (roughly USD 100).


IFJ partners, the Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) and

the Brihan-Mumbai Union of Journalists (BUJ) had issued strongly worded

condemnations of Trivedi’s arrest and called for a wider debate on article 124A

of the Indian Penal Code, leading potentially to its repeal.


The IFJ shares the concerns expressed by its partners

that the sedition law has become an instrument to suppress free and fair

reporting and has been frequently misapplied, despite a 1962 ruling by the

Indian Supreme Court laying down very strict conditions for its use.


DUJ observed a day of protest on September 13 and is

currently engaged in demonstrations around the theme of stopping “media

bashing” and saving journalism.


The IFJ extends its support and solidarity to its

Indian partners and affiliates in campaigning against the most recent spate of

attacks on journalistic freedom.


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