IFJ Shocked as Another Journalist is Murdered in Pakistan


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliates are

shocked at the brutal murder of Tariq Kamal, a reporter with a Sindhi language

daily published in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi. Reported missing on May

7, along with a friend who runs a small business in Karachi, Tariq Kamal

reportedly had his last telephone conversation with his family the following

day. His body, bearing multiple bullet wounds and marks of torture, was found

along with his friend’s on May 9.


Kamal’s family

reports that he had left Karachi for another town in Sindh province on May 3 to

follow up what he described as an “exclusive” news story. He was reported

missing after his family failed to establish telephonic contact for well over

24 hours.


During his last

telephone conversation with his family, Kamal reportedly said that his ‘hours

were numbered’ and that he was soon going to be killed on the orders of a

“sardar”, a traditional clan chieftain, in the Sindh area.


Other reports

indicate that Kamal’s abductors called his family using his cell phone to

inform them of their decision to kill him on charges of being a police



“We are shocked at

the continuing toll of life that endemic conflict is claiming among Pakistan’s

journalists”, said the IFJ Asia Pacific.


“All available

reports indicate that Kamal was engaged in legitimate news gathering activity

when he was abducted and later killed”.


“The one-year

anniversary of the brutal killing of investigative journalist Saleem

Shahzad is just two weeks away, and Kamal is the eighth journalist to

suffer a violent death in this period of time”.


“Media managements,

security agencies and the political authorities all need to take note of this wholly

unacceptable deterioration in the security environment for journalists and take

immediate, credible measures to reverse it”.



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