IFJ Calls on Iraqi Politicians to Oppose Violence against Media after another Journalist is Gunned Down

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

today called on all political groups in Iraq to voice their opposition to

violence against media following the murder of Safaa al-Khayat by gunmen in the

main northern city of Mosul yesterday morning.  The victim, who worked as a presenter of

religious programmes on Al- Mosuliyah satellite television, was the second

journalist to be killed in as many days following the death of Ryad al-Saray

who was shot dead on Tuesday  morning in


"Iraqi journalists are once again being targeted and

killed for their work," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. "Politicians

from all sides must declare their intention to stamp out violence against media

and eradicate the impunity for those who target journalists."

Media reports say that Safaa al-Khayat was shot dead

as he was leaving his house to work at the Al-Mosuliyah television where he

presented religious programmes devoted to mosques and shrines.

The Iraqi Journalists' Syndicat, an IFJ affiliate,

condemned his murder and called on the authorities to bring his killers to

justice and speed up the passage of the law on the protection of journalists.

The IFJ supports the IJS demands and says the incoming

government in Iraq must redress the poor record of its predecessors in the

fight against impunity for attacks on media.

"There needs to be drastic change in the government's attitude

towards crime against Iraqi journalists," added White. "The country has had the

highest death toll of media victims during the last decade and yet none of

these crimes has been solved."

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