China Restricts Reporting On Philippines Hostage Tragedy


International Federation of

Journalists (IFJ) is concerned by an order issued by China’s

Central Propaganda Department that Chinese media avoid any negative reporting of

this week’s hostage crisis in the Philippines.




order attempts to muzzle open reporting of the circumstances surrounding recent

events in the Philippines,

and must be lifted by China’s

central authorities immediately,” IFJ General Secretary Aidan

White said.



Hong Kong tourists were killed in a day-long siege by Philippines police on August 23, after a tour

bus with 22 passengers was hijacked by a former policeman in Manila. Seven people were injured and the

cause of death of the eight people remains unclear.



response, China’s Central

Propaganda Department demanded that all media in China should report positively on the

evacuation of the victims and survivors of the incident.



should be no reporting or sensationalist comment which could disturb bilateral

relationships with the Philippines,

the order said. Instead, journalists are required to report directly from

statements issued by China’s

Foreign Ministry.



is a strict rule - we have to follow the Foreign Ministry’s announcement when

reporting any case involving foreign affairs,” a journalist from China said.



are not surprised to receive this order although I think the handling of the

crisis by the Philippines’

Government is terribly unacceptable.”


China’s embassy in the Philippines issued

a statement to condemn the hostage-taker and demanded an explanation.



Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang expressed disappointment with the handling of

the crisis by the Philippines Government.


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