Women Journalists in the EU-Integration Process- Gender, Quality and Union Rights in European Media, 27-28-29 May 2005

Together with the IFJ/EFJ Gender council and the Union of Cyprus Journalists, the European Federation of Journalists is organizing a seminar on

Women Journalists in the EU-Integration Process.

Gender, Quality and Union Rights in European Media

on 27-28-29th May in Nicosia, Cyprus

at the Journalists' House

12 RIK avenue, Aglantzia.

The objectives of the seminar are as follows:

• To provide a briefing for unions on the existing social and professional conditions and status of women in European media, particularly from new EU countries

• To discuss the establishment of a working network of union activists to lobby and campaign for gender rights

• To define a detailed working programme for unions and for the EFJ, and to set targets for EFJ on gender issues and prepare follow up visits, trainings and exchanges of best practices. The workshop should form the basis for :

- A well-established European network of female journalists in the unions. Communication will be done by e-mail. The purpose is both to exchange information about the situation of women in the media and to create a network of women who can spread the word within the European integration process.

- A comparative study on the situation of female journalists in Europe. This would be the first overview of this kind in the enlarged Europe.

- Develop EFJ training courses, seminars and mutual visits for female journalists and gender union officers in Europe, in particular in eastern and south-eastern Europe. These would be aimed at improving competence in coping with the globalisation strategies of West European media companies. The West European member unions of the EFJ have of course valuable experience with companies expanding into the new EU-countries.

- Follow-up meetings within the network, to develop the exchange of expertise between female journalists.

For more information, contact the EFJ secretariat: 00 32 2 235 22 16