UK report: More of us want to work flexibly

A report released on 1st october 2007 by the Equal Opportunities Commission reveals that 52% of men and 48% of women want to work more flexibly.

The new report, entitled "Working outside the box" has revealed that 6.5 million people could be using their skills more fully if flexible working was available. Often considered a problem limited to working mothers, the new findings show that this "skills drain" affects almost as many men as women and more non-parents than parents. The survey shows that rigid models of work are diving highly qualified workers into jobs below their skill level in order for them to have a life outside work. Outdated workplace cultures are therefore damaging the economy and also adding to the increasing pressure on over-stretched transport systems. The report also shows that some employers are responding by offering flexitime and home working and making use of new technology to become more innovative in how they organise work. In return, employers are finding that they benefit from better staff engagement and loyalty and increased productivity. The right to request flexible working for parents of young children will be extended to carers in April. However 60% of those surveyed said they did not know of the right to request or had seen any information about jobs where flexible working practices were available.

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Source: NUJ Equality Newsletter