The media and the New Normal

In newspaper columns and on TV news the authorities promise a New Normal in the face of Covid-19. But where is it? The lessons of Covid-19 should make us rethink our way of working, embracing more sharing, more equity, more ethics.

Instead of waiting on empty promises the IFJ has put on the table a real recovery plan for our profession, but also for the media sector as a whole - a Global Platform for Quality Journalism. 

This document, which has received the support of all global workers' unions, several hundreds million working people worldwide, proposes in particular that governments levy a national tax on the revenues of GAFAMs - Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft - which have seen their profits grow once again during this global crisis.

Some of our affiliates have already initiated discussions with their governments to have this tax levied at source in each country where these multinationals currently pay no tax. We encourage you to mobilize massively to ensure that the situation in your country also changes.

If the world needs a different kind of governance, citizens need their governments to show political courage. The IFJ Platform will help them to do so. Share it, talk about it, organise advocacy campaigns... Let's build tomorrow's media together. 

Anthony Bellanger

IFJ General Secretary

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