The IFJ Vigorously Denounces Explosive Device Attack Against a Newspaper and Its Print Premises in Cameroon



The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today vigorously condemned the explosive device

attack against a newspaper and a printing industry in the capital city of

Yaoundé in Cameroon.


 « We regret this press freedom violation

act and call on authorities in Cameroon to deeply investigate this attack so as

to bring the perpetrators to justice”, said Gabriel Baglo, IFJ Africa Director.


According to

Cameroon’s national journalists union (SNJC in French), an IFJ affiliate, an

explosive device attack took place in the night of November 25 to 26 against

Press-Book Communications premises in Yaoundé, which has a newspaper and a

print industry.


SNJC collected the

version of Mr. Lambert Fotso Tchamekwen the promoter of the newspaper and print

industry who said that a commando of six hooded persons, on board two vehicles

violently appeared in the premises, seriously injuring the




They break into the

premises where two devices exploded damaging two rotation presses. They left in

their retreat detonation accessories and military effects.



“After a brief analysis of the modus

operandi, it looks as if this attack is far from being a villainous crime. It

is a terrorist act which perpetrators are still free while their backers and

the motives remain unknown,” said Félix Cyriaque Ebolé Bola, SNJC President.


The IFJ joins SNJC to express its

solidarity to the instigator and owner of Press-Book Communications. It warns

those who by diverse means, including the most violent, are compromising press

freedom and intimidating those who support its causes.



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