Stop Media Control and Ensure Media Independence in Korea

Participants of the IFJ and UNI

Asia Pacific Regional Seminar, Kuala Lumpur, 19-21 September 2012, herewith

adopt a statement on Korea to support NUMW and Korean media workers in their

fight for the fair journalism, demand to reinstate dismissed workers from the

strike action of this year and call on the government to stop its interference

with the media workers’ organizations and management of public broadcasting.


The negative impact of media

control by political power is critical, the hunger for people’s right to

unbiased and free information is desperate and the weakening of democracy is

real and serious. Freedom of speech is a pillar of democracy and measure

repressing the media is anti-democratic. We support NUMW’s struggle to protect

the democracy and stand up for an independent media for people. The current

media control mechanism and the continued interference in the medial by the

government is a threat to the entire society.


We applaud the determined union

strike action over the last months of NUMW and its affiliated unions and the

strong support by people that forced the government to announce the conduct of

a national investigation and national hearing on the control of media and

illegal wiretapping of citizen and to renew management of public broadcasters.

This promise has been broken. Korean media workers will resume strike action if

the government will not respect its commitment. Together with the civil

society, labor unions, cultural organization we support NUMW’s position.


On behalf of IFJ and UNI Asia

Pacific representing together over 2.3 million workers from more than 200

unions in 27 countries we express our support to Korean media workers and

declare to extend international solidarity in the future. We join Korean media

workers and demand:


·        Government to

stop the repression of media;

·        Park Geun-Hye,

presidential candidate of Saenuri Party to break with policy of media-control

and commit to restoring                    independence of the media;

·        Dismissal of MBC

CEO Kim Jae-Chol and other broadcasters’ CEOs;

·        Conduct of

national investigation and hearing on the illegal wiretapping of citizen;

·        To reinstate an

rehabilitate dismissed and suspended media workers and;

·        To reform the

media regulation in order to support media independence and guarantee freedom

of speech




For further

information, contact:


Asia-Pacific on +612 9333 0919




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