Stand Up for Journalism Campaign 2008


: The

media union KMSFB, the other Austrian affiliate, is organising a

discussion with journalists' students on quality journalism in Graz on 7


On November 6, the NUJ in Ireland  will be joined by students from

the Dublin colleges and support the National Trade Union

Congress campaign "Get Up and Stand Up" to get involved and highlight

the plight of journalists.


On November 5 the Irish Executive Council is holding a meeting in Dublin to discuss the challenges facing the media industry. 




The journalists' union GPA-djp will present on 5 November a study

done by the University of Salzburg on the situation of young trainees in

Austrian media companies. It will be followed on a panel discussion on

the social status of journalists in general.

See  invitation to panel attached.

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Belarus: The BAJ members in different Belarusian regions were

drawing the public attention to the journalists' problems and the

absence of freedom of speech in Belarus in different ways.The "Stand Up

for Journalism" campaign has been supported by a large number of

Belarusian on-line periodical editions and bloggers' communities. Among

other, the international campaign banners appeared on the Web-sites: (BelaPAN News Agency), (Ximik On-Line

Newspaper, Navapolatsk), (Your Country's Tomorrow

Informational and Analytical Portal), (Tovarisch

newspaper's Web-site) , ("Salidarnasc" On-Line

Newspaper of Independent Trade Unions), (Nasha Niva

nation-wide newspaper's Web-site) and (Narodnaya Vola

nation-wide newspaper's Web-site).
A virtual demonstration , dedicated to the global campaign, is held on the BAJ pages in the Live Journal.
See also:


Brussels, journalists showed their solidarity on 4 November for group

photo with the International Federation of Journalists, the European

Federation of Journalists, the Belgian Journalists' Association, the

European Journalism Centre, International Press Association, National

Union of Journalists-Brussels Branch.


EFJ affiliates in Croatia, the Croatian Journalists Association and the

Union will organise a round-table discussion on 5 November in Zagreb

under the title: "Journalism - an uncertain profession". It will cover

both physical violence against journalists and social insecurity of

working journalists.



Within the context of "Stand up for Journalism" day, the Cyprus Union

of Journalists has submitted a 4-page petition to the Government, the

House of Representatives and the political parties on a number of issues

relating to journalism.

In the petition, CUJ demands speedy and result oriented measures on the following issues:

    1. Statutory measures towards systematic vocational training of both new journalists about to enter the profession and older journalists.

    2. Implementation of the law clauses relating to the operation of radio stations, mainly those providing for collective bargaining and collective agreements relating to the terms of employment of journalists.

    3. Termination of discrimination between "permanent staff" journalists and "associate" journalists working for the state run Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and the Cyprus News Agency.

    4. The Collective Agreements between the CUJ and employers to be given legal status in order to safeguard employees' interests.

    5. Abolishment of legal provisions which are mainly leftovers of the colonial administration, which  fetter freedom of expression, e.g. certain libel law provisions amounting to pre-emptive censorship, provisions which prohibit public servants giving information to journalists, law provisions which provide that the majority of public documents are "classified", the Electoral Law provisions which prohibit publishing and broadcasting electoral material the day before any election (these provisions have never been implemented but they are still there in violation of the freedom of expression clause) and bringing up to date legislation relating to the Media.

    The CUJ has asked for a meeting of its board with government and legislature officials to discus the above mentioned demands.

Germany: The EFJ affiliate, dju in ver.di invited all

staff and freelance journalists to stand up in the company/newsroom for

good journalism in broadcasting and print media at 5 to 11 on 5



The EFJ affiliate, DJV had a major demonstration with banners saying

"Our work is worth more" on 5 November as part of the Stand-Up for

Journalism campaign.ünde%20051108.jpg


 Great Britain and Ireland

Whilst the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Great Britain and

Ireland, who were the initiators' of last Year Stand-Up for Journalism

campaign,  do not plan to have the same level of attention on a single

day's activity like last year - the NUJ will be rallying members to

stand up for local TV news by backing our campaign to Save ITV News. The

NUJ is calling on people to sign a petition on the 10 Downing Street

website ( and then adding to the online comment board to say why they value their local news on ITV.

Members in Northern Ireland are being encouraged to write to their

local member of the Northern Ireland Assembly to stand up for journalism

at UTV. The channel is looking to make massive cuts, so we're

organising for people to send letters of protest.

Members across the Newsquest newspaper group will be completing a

survey into stress at work, that closes at the end of this week. The

cuts affecting the industry are starting to have a detrimental affect on

our members health and the NUJ is getting members to make a stand by

completing the survey to show how the cuts are affecting them at work.



At the Danish Media Festival pooling together about 1400 journalists

to discuss professional issues of concern, the organiser, Danish Union

of Journalists will also integrate the Stand-Up for Journalism campaign

in its ambitious programme.


Former Yugo Republic of Macedonia

The IFJ affiliate, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia will 

will send an appeal to the Macedonian media and request a 2 minutes work

stop at 12.00 as a support of the Union's demands for social and

professional security, as had been doen in 2007 for the Stand-Up for

Journalism campaign.

Union of journalists SNJ-CGT called journalists to

demonstrate on 5 November to oppose "the projects of Mr. Sarkozy that

threaten freedom of press" and to "organise a real debate on

information" in parallel to the official "Etats généraux" opened in

early October under the auspices of the government.
The union called for a demonstration in front of 'Agence France Presse, place de la Bourse, between noon and 3pm.

Greece- Thessaloniki

affiliate ESIEMTH will hold an event on the importance of authors'

rights during the Stand-Up for Journalism week.  EFJ Authors' Rights

Officer Pamela Morinière, a lawyer and a representative of OSDEL (the

Greek collecting society) will outline the main challenges for

journalists in the changing media environment.


Italian journalists and their union, the National

Press Federation (FNSI), will take part in a day of support for the

dignity of journalism under the title of "Stand up for journalism".


5 November, the FNSI will organise a day of demonstration and

discussion (this year marks the second edition). The main themes will

be: protecting journalists' sources, confirming their autonomy, and

defining employment contracts. In Italy especially, the occasion is

deeply felt and eagerly awaited since Italian journalism is currently

being threatened by harmful actions aimed at reducing the autonomy of

the profession through a number of laws, such as the draft law "Alfano",

which even envisages imprisonment for journalists who publish

information of important public interest, which has been taken from the

proceedings of judicial investigations. What is at stake is professional

secrecy. If a journalist happens to discover a confidential or secret

item from the magistracy and considers it to be of interest for public

opinion, he or she is entitled to publish it according to legislation

governing the journalistic profession in Italy and according to the

European Convention on human rights.

On these subjects, and

against the manifest attempts to reduce the activities of journalists

sanctioned by the Constitution, in recent weeks the FNSI and the Italian

Reporters' Union have held more than twenty public demonstrations in

the main Italian cities, with the distribution of leaflets and other

informative material, involving hundreds of journalists and many

thousands of citizens.

On November 5, the FNSI will

continue these initiatives by bringing together members and supporters

in a large demonstration to be held inside and outside the Capranichetta

cinema in Rome.

From 10.00 to 13.00 hrs, colleagues from all over Italy will hold an assembly, followed by a demonstration from 13.00 to 14.00 hrs in front of Palazzo Monte Citorio, seat of the Italian Parliament. Participants will wear white T-shirts

bearing coloured slogans ("No news under lock and key", "No censorship,

no gagging") accompanied by the logos of the FNSI and the initiative

"Stand up for journalism", symbols that will be shown on hundreds of

flags. Colleagues from the FNSI will also carry banners and wear

coloured caps bearing slogans such as: "Freedom to inform", "Freedom to

know", "Press freedom".


During the afternoon, the national council of the journalists' union

will meet at the federal headquarters for an in-depth study of the

contractual discussions which are starting again, after three years of

refusal to negotiate by the Italian Publishers' Federation.



The EFJ/IFJ affiliate in Lithuania, the Lithuanian Union of

Journalists organised happenings in the streets of Vilnius with banners

and logos raising the awareness of the European Stan-Up campaign and the

need to fight for quality. (see pictures in the link).


The Journalists Union of Portugal, the SJ, will organise a seminar on

the problems of journalism, Journalism, dignified profession,

profession with rights, and some cultural activities. Further, the union

will meet on 5 November the Parliament to discuss a new law on

pluralism and media concentration.



the government refusal to reply to the demands regarding salary raise

(as agreed in a collective agreement signed in the past) and adoption of

measures for diminishing taxation policy in mass-media. EFJ/IFJ

affiliate MediaSind decided to continue protest actions adopted by its Congress on 18 October:
- to gather signatures for the start of strike actions at mass-media level, beginning with 30.10.2008;
- to convoke the parity commission at mass-media level, on November 5th 2008;
- to take part in all protest actions organised at a national level by union confederations.

Romanian Federation of Journalists MediaSind calls on all mass-media employees to participate at strike actions organised by the federation.



The EFJ/IFJ affiliates in Serbia, the  Journalists`Association of

Serbia and Journalists' Union of Serbia circulated on 5 November a press

release on the Stand Up for Journalism Day in which they expressed

their concerns about the growing political influence in media,

especially in public service broadcasting. Growing assaults against

media workers and the need for an improved social protection were also

mentioned. Both union and association were active in media paying

tribute    to the EFJ Stand-Up Campaign with posters, pictures etc..



The Slovakian Syndicate of Journalists will organise on 4. November a

conference under the theme "Journalists in the year 1968 - the way to

year 1989".An appeal to support the Slovakian quality campaign will be




For this year's Stand Up For Journalism campaign, the Swedish Union

of Journalists has investigated attitudes to protection of media sources

among a select number of Swedish editors-in-chief.

The sjf sent out a survey to 60 editors from across the board:

Morning papers, national and regional, tabloids, public service, union

papers etc. The findings will be posted on during the SUFJ week.



EFJ and IFJ affiliates, FAPE and CCOO, participate in the Stand-Up

for Journalsim campaign on November 5. In a press release from Madrid,

FAPE declares its concern  for the increasing "unstable jobs, low

salaries, irregular types of contract, the endless days of work"  that 

affect not only to labour standards but also "the quality of the

information" given to the citizens in the democratic societies.

In the southern region of Andalucia, FAPE affiliates, together with

unions CCOO and UGT, call to participate as part of the Stand-Up for

Journalism activities in a demonstration in Cadiz, a city with

historical tradition of defending democratic freedom. On the same date,

198 years ago, the initial constitutional Spanish parliament gathered in

Cadiz to proclaim the first law for the Freedom of the Press of the



EFJ affiliate comedia has launched on November 5 an urgent appeal,

which can be signed by journalists and critical readers. Some famous

writers have already signed the appeal. With its appeal they in

particular criticize the plans of the Swiss Association of Publishers,

who question editorial independence of the newsroom and want to abolish

the principles of the press council. The Publishers Association is asked

the respect editorial independence as well as the independence of the

press council. In their appeal, they also urge the employers to restart

negotiations on the long awaited collective agreement for journalists.


EFJ affiliate Impressum produced a leaflet on the theme of the

collective agreement and the defence of authors' rights (below in



Unions protested employers' pressure on union rights demands of

journalists. Representatives of EFJ/IFJ affiliate in Turkey, the

Journalists' Union of Turkey (TGS) made press statements in front of HQ

of Sabah and ATV in Balmumcu district of Istanbul and Sogutozu office in

Ankara. Workers' and civil servants' unions also supported the protest.

Protestors chanted slogans and carried banners reading "honor of

labor means being a member of a union", "no to injustice against union

rights in media", "respect for labor", "take your hands off my pen and

union" in the demonstrations. 
Turkuvaz Group, owning Sabah daily

newspaper and ATV private TV channel, cut collective bargaining talks

with the TGS without showing any reason and dismissed the representative

of the union.

TGS members also gathered in front of Sabah daily's HQ in capital

Ankara in order to protest the dismissal of several employees from the

newspaper and ATV private TV channel. During the demonstration,

protestors carried banners reading "Stand Up For Journalism".

a statement during the protest, Turgut Dedeoglu, president of TGS's

Ankara branch, said that they would file reemployment lawsuits and suits

for damages in order to protect the rights of the dismissed union

members and they would closely follow the legal process.
"We are

determined to carry on with our unionist struggle in Sabah Newspaper

& Magazine Group and ATV, sticking to legitimate and legal grounds,"

Dedeoglu said.