Speakers' Profiles and Presentations

Moschos Voitsidis has been working as a newspaper and radio journalist for 32

years and is currently a columnist for the city's largest daily Agelioforos.

He is a twice-elected member of the Steering Committee of the European

Federation of Journalists and is on his second term as the President of the

Journalists' Union of Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers. He is also a

qualified attorney in Greece. He speaks English, German, Serbo-Croatian and


 Arne König has been working as a journalist for the print and

broadcasting media since mid-70s.  He has dedicated his professional life

reporting on human rights and media issues. König is now a full-time unionist.

He is the Vice-President of the Swedish Union of Journalists and the President

of the European Federation of Journalists, the largest trade federation in


 Robert Hahn is the head of rights and content acquisition at Guardian

News & Media (GNM) in the UK. He is also the publisher of the Guardian, the

Observer and Guardian.co.uk. He has been working in the rights management

professional for 15 years with experience in operational rights management,

content commissioning, contributor relations, editorial compliance and

training. His recent works focus particularly on digital media and mobile

platforms; the negotiation of cross-platform collective agreements, commercial

contracts and talent agreements; and GNM's content and rights management


 Patricia Estevezis is

a journalist, researcher and communications strategist. She is a member of the

Federal Executive Council of the Spanish Federation of Journalist Unions (FeSP)

and the Catalonian Journalist Union (SPC), where she is in charge of

communications strategies and projects. She worked as a freelance journalist in

the past 15 years for the print media, specialising technology, health and

social issues. Having seen the abuse of authors' rights by media outlets, she

soon develops her interest in this field. Mrs. Estévez holds a Master degree in

Gender Studies, and is a PhD candidate in International Relations.
Presentation: Media Concentration

Pamela Morinière is the Authors' Rights, Gender and Project officer of the

European/international Federation of Journalists. She holds Masters' degrees in

Intellectual property law (DEA) and commercial law (L.L.M.) and a diploma in

journalism. Prior to joining the IFJ in 2002 she did an internship in the

copyright unit of DG internal market of the European commission and worked in

an ICT consultancy. Pamela also worked in 2006-2007 for the Media entertainment

and Arts Alliance, the Australian union of journalists, in Sydney. At the IFJ

she has run various campaigns to support the authors' rights system across

Europe and is also heavily involved in the IFJ campaign for Ethical journalism.

Présentation: Droits

d'auteur des journalistes et nouveaux défis européens

Carole Croella is a Counselor of the World Intellectual Property

Organization (WIPO), Copyright Law Division. Before joining WIPO, Ms Croella

was an officer at the Copyright Unit of the European Commission from 1992 to

2000. She specialises in copyright and related rights in the digital

environment, management of rights and moral rights. She has actively involved

in the accession negotiations to the EU of Central European and Baltic States as

well as in the copyright aspects of the technical assistance programs PHARE and

TACIS. Before joining the Commission, she worked as a legal advisor in the

Ministry of Culture in France.  She also worked in the International

Affairs Department of the French broadcasting company, TF1.  

Can copyright exception benefit Journalists?

Antonis Plessas  is a freelancer, musician and advisor for the Hellenic

Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI) in Greece. Having

achieved excellent results at his musical course at Berklee College of Music in

Boston, United States, he worked as a freelancer in the production of musical

projects. He is an expert in the application of new technologies in music

production and education. He actively involves in project related to the new

media and the protection of intellectual property works in the new digital


 Mike Holderness is a freelance writer and editor, specialised in science and technology. He is

active in the National Union of Journalists (UK and Ireland), editing the

newsletter for freelance journalists and the associated website

www.londonfreelance.org and serving on several other committees including its

Copyright Committee. He is the Chair of the Creators' Rights Alliance in the

UK, as well as the Authors' Rights Expert Group of the European Federation of


Olav Stokkmo has been Chief Executive Officer of the International

Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) since December 2004, a

position he also held from 1998-2000. Prior to joining IFRRO, Olav worked for 8

years as the Deputy Executive Director of Kopinor, the Norwegian reproduction

rights organisation, and for 4 years as the Director of Operations at the

Norwegian publishing house, Det Norske Samlaget. Currently involved in the

European Commission's i2010 Digital Libraries Initiative, Olav is an active

representative of author and publisher rightholders in related.
Presentation: EU Legal Landscape and Collective Rights


Axel Beelen is a lawyer at the Belgian collecting society for

journalists (SAJ - La Société de Droit d'auteur des Journalists). Before

joining the SAJ, he worked as a consultant for a publisher and a tax

specialist. He holds a Law degree and two master degrees in taxation law and

intellectual property rights law.

Belgium Collecting Society for Journalists

Mathias Willdal graduated from Stockholm University (LL.M.) in 1994. After

graduation he started his career as the legal adviser for the Swedish

performers' rights organisation SAMI. He became the legal adviser for the

Swedish Reproduction Rights Organisation, Bonus Presskopia, since 1999. Bonus

Presskopia is a member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights

Organisations (IFRRO). Mathias Willdal has served on several IFRRO's committees

and working groups, such as New Technologies Committee, Legal Issues Committee

and the European Group.

Heikki Jokinen has been a freelance journalist and art critic since 1986.

He is the Vice-Chair of the Finnish Union Council and a member of the Finish

copyright society Kopiosto which is a member organisation of the International

Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations.  He was the former chair

of the Freelance section of the Finnish Union of Journalists and the Freelance

Expert Group of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ). He is now a

member of the EFJ Authors' Rights Expert Group.  

Nick McGowan-Lowe is a freelance corporate and editorial photographer based

in Scotland. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the

UK, and serves on the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council, Photographers

Committee, Scottish Executive and Copyright Committee. He is also a director of

discussion and campaigning group Editorial Photographers UK (EPUK). Since 2008

he has been representing the NUJ on the Board of the British Photographic

Council, where he initiated, organised and produced the 2010 British

Photographic Council Industry Survey.
Presentation: Reinforcing Photographers' Authors' Rights in

the UK and Ireland

Toralf Sandåker Toralf Sandåker is a freelance journalist, photographer and

graphic designer working mainly in the field of media and photographic

technology. He is also a board member of the freelance section of the Norwegian

Union of Journalists. His works are published in the Norwegian trade magazine Fotografi.

He is currently writing a book on photography.
Presentation: Freelance Calculator

Ascay Judit is the Vice-President of the Association of Hungarian

Journalists (MÚOSZ) where she is in charge of international affairs. She is

also a reserve member of the Steering Committee of the European Federation of

Journalists. Having studied economics and linguistics, Judit began her career

as a journalist in the print media since 1977. Later in her career, she worked

as a freelancer and editor before she joined MÚOSZ.

Kostas Rossoglou is the legal officer of the European Consumers'

Organisation (BEUC) based in Brussels. He is a qualified lawyer in Greece. He

has been working at BEUC's Legal Department since January 2009 and is the Team

Leader of BEUC's Digital Team. He specialises in intellectual property rights,

the digital single market and recent European policies on copyright exceptions

and limitations, private copying levies, licensing of content online, copyright

term extension, enforcement of copyright. He is an expert on data protection

and privacy issues.

Yuk Lan Wong is the communications and project officer of the

European Federation of Journalists. She joined the Federation since August 2009

as a trainee after she obtained her Joint Honours degree in Social Policy and

Journalism, Films and Media Studies at Cardiff University in the UK. During her

studies, she also obtained work experience at the United Nations Association in

Wales, where she was the co-ordinator of the Young Professional Network.

Martine Simonis is the General Secretary of the Belgian Union of

Journalists (AGJPB) and the Association of Professional Journalists (AJP) in

Belgium. Trained as a lawyer, she established the Belgian Copyright Society for

Journalists in 1995. In the past years, she had successfully negotiated

numerous collective agreements to compensate the violation of journalists'

authors' rights.
Workshop: Collective


Lone Amtrup is the senior legal adviser of the Danish Union of Journalists

where she is in charge of the copyright and related rights issues. She is a

member of the board of Copydan Cable TV as well as the alternate member of the

board of Copydan Writing. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of

Conciliation of Copyright and the Secretary of the Copyright Foundation of the

Danish Union of Journalists.
Workshop: Collective Bargaining

Licensing System - the Danish Model

Seminar Report

EFJ Calls for Strong Authors' Rights Protection in the Digital World for all Journalists