Palestinian journalist "tortured by Hamas"

The IFJ has condemned reports of the torture of Palestinian journalist Hani Al-Agha by Hamas amid revelations his life may now be in danger

According to well-placed sources Al-Agha - who has been detained for 37 days due to his woerk as a journalist - has been brutally tortured in Hamas jails

Reports allege that Al-Agha has been severely beaten and tortured for more than 20 consecutive days, which led to his inability to stand and walk for several days and that his conditions is described as life-threatening.

The source also confirmed that claims by Hamas' security spokesman Iyad al-Bazam's that he had been arrested as a security threat were false. They stressed that his arrest was political, arising directly from his journalistsic work.

The IFJ's affiliates, The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemned the arrest and torture.

In a statement the PJS Executive said: "PJS considered the brutal torture of Al Agha a crime against him and the right to freedom of information and an attempt to intimidate journalists in Gaza Strip, who are subject to repressive police authority.

PJS stressed that it will take several quick steps to move at the national, Arab and international level to save him from the daily killing in Hamas prisons, and it held the leadership of Hamas and its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, personally responsible for this crime against humanity.

Finally, PJS calls on all Palestinian, Arab and international human rights institutions to move quickly to save the life of Agha from the gradual killing by Hamas security investigators".

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger said: "We strongly condemn this unwarranted arrest and brutal treatment and torture of Hani. We urge international action to secure his release and demand Hamas free him immediately and stop the intimidation and jailing of journalists".

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