Opening of Winter Games: The 'Moment of Social Truth' for Italian Journalists

Today the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ/IFJ) called on media unions throughout Europe to support Italian journalists who come from all over Italy to participate in a demonstration /press conference in Turin at the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Winter Games. It will be an occasion to inform journalists covering the games from all over the world of the severe situation Italian journalists are faced with.

The European Federation of Journalists affiliate the FNSI, which represents both newsroom staff in print and broadcasting sectors, organised this demonstration after a continuing stand still in the difficult negotiation with the publishers over the renewal of the national contract. After a series of strikes, the situation has become unacceptable for the whole media sector. Publishers do not accept any regulation for the increasing freelance sector and they wish to introduce a new system of payment which would reduce salaries to up to 40 percents.

Further, the employers have refused to adapt the Italian law on short-term contracts (Legge 30) to the media sector, where the consequences of the labour market deregulation are devastating say the unions.

"This is the moment of truth for Italian journalists", said Arne König, chair of the EFJ. "We sincerely hope that the Italian Publishers Association will be responsible social partners and go back to the negotiating table with the FNSI. We monitor the situation with great concern and hope an acceptable solution will be found before the national election campaign in Italy starts. "

The event takes place today at 11am at the Lingotto building in Turin.

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